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Communication was entirely in person, since there were no telephones, no newspapers or magazines, and very few books. People saw each other at church, or in the market-place; some elites sent their sons to a school to learn to read and write, while daughters were taught at home. Much of the news about current events was delivered in person too. There was a town square, and a town-crier who announced the news to the public. There were also public speakers, including preachers and politicians, who gave talks. There were some stage performances and people who could afford it would attend a live presentation-- all the actors were male, however, as women were not encouraged to become actresses at that time. As for other communication, the printing press was invented around 1450, but most people had no access to it yet; books were written by scribes, most of whom were employed by the church; they copied manuscripts about religious topics.

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Q: How did people in the 1400's communicate?
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