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to communicate with the other people who read it

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Q: What is the purpose of petroglyph?
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Can you give a sentence using petroglyph?

We must protect this petroglyph. That petroglyph is an obvious fake.

Who is the inventor of petroglyph?

the inventor of petroglyph was samuel burg

What is the population of Petroglyph Games?

The population of Petroglyph Games is 115.

What is Petroglyph Games's population?

The population of Petroglyph Games is 2,012.

When was Petroglyph - album - created?

Petroglyph - album - was created on 2002-05-25.

What is a petroglyph?

A petroglyph is a carving or etching into a rock. Many were created by prehistoric people.

When was Petroglyph Games created?

Petroglyph Games was created on 2003-04-01.

How do you use petroglyph in a sentence?

Visitors to the national park admired the ancient petroglyphs that adorned the canyon walls.

How do you spell petroglpgh?


When was V-bar-V petroglyph site created?

V-bar-V petroglyph site was created in 1994.

What is the area of Petroglyph Point Archeological Site?

The area of Petroglyph Point Archeological Site is 1,600 square kilometers.

When was Petroglyph Point Archeological Site created?

Petroglyph Point Archeological Site was created on 1975-05-29.