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What Was the Purpose of Magellan Exploration

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Q: What was the purpose of magellans exploration?
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What is Ferdinand Magellans exploration?

south around south America

Who funded Ferdinand magellans exploration?

the queen of Spain

What was Ferdinand magellans date of exploration?

there was no date he died before he could explore anything

How did magellans understanding of geography effect his exploration of the world?

Ferdinand Magellan's understanding of geography affected his exploration of the world by guiding him in circumnavigation of the world.

What is the effect of magellans exploration in the inhabitants in the place that was explored?

It was fine for them though he didn't too well.

What was the purpose of Ferdinand magellans trip?

All the explorers of his time were looking for a water route to Asia, and so it was with him.

Why did Magellans men mutiny in south America?

they mutinyed magellans for you

The purpose of European exploration was a?

A+ : all

What was the purpose of roald Amundsen's exploration?

Roald Amundsen's purpose of exploration was to be the first to reach the South Pole. He wanted to achieve this feat before any other explorers, particularly Robert Falcon Scott's expedition.

Which of the following is not a purpose of government order protection conflict resolution or exploration?

Exploration Apex: )

Where did Magellans crew sail?

Magellans crew sailed around the world west.

What was their purpose of their voyage when they found Missouri?