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becuasehe wanted to and was determined to get there.

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Q: What was purpose of Sebastian Cabot's exploration?
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What was Sebastian's purpose of exploration?

becuasehe wanted to and was determined to get there.

What was John cabots impact of John cabots exploration?

He Found the Newfound Land I dont think that that /\ answer is correct | |

What country funded john cabots exploration?


How did john cabots exploration help his country?

his exploration helped his country by finding undescovered land for england

When was Sebastian Vizcaino exploration?

his exploration was in 1708

Who was in John Cabots family?

he had at least 3 sons named Ludovico, Sebastian, and Sancio

What was the purpose for john cabots voyage to Canada?

to find something

Sebastion cabots episode of Twilight Zone?

Sebastian Cabot appeared in the "A Nice Place to Visit" episode of the Twilight Zone .

What is John Cabots sons names?

John Cabot was an explorer who was from Italy. He had three sons whose names were Sebastian Cabot, Sancius Cabot, and Ludovico Cabot.

What is Maine's exploration?

The exploration of Main occurred between the years of 1497 and 1499. The state was discovered by John and Sebastian Cabot.

What are the obstacles or hardships during the exploration for Sebastian Cabot?

Umbrellas unicorns and tuna

Date of john cabots exploration?

the dates was around 1497 -1498<-- omg my b-day was on that day im srs. 1497 on the 35 of march tnx