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the 'idea' 'natural law' comes from ancient Greece (Athens), around 600BC.

The free men of Athens (1 sixth of the population) kind of 'capitalists') liked 'Law and Order'. In fact they hated rebellious slaves (also 1 sixth), and designed a natural law that asked for 'obedience'.

A 'natural' law that saw slaves and women as 'lower life'

Quite different from the beliefs in the Middle East (especially Persia).

The Romans spread this belief in Europe as Catholicism.

And in Enlightenment 'natural law' was made into Catholicism.

It is the reason why 'rationalism' is perfectly suited to defend 'capitalism'.

The society in the US in like a present day version of ancient Greece.

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Q: How did rationalism and the idea of natural law change how peoples of Europe sloved problems?
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