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The colonies over seas would provide more land making the country politically more powerful, raw materials which Europe could sell for a profit, and there would be indigenous peoples that Europe felt the need to convert.

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Q: What was the relationship between European overseas expansion and political economic and social development in Europe?
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Three causes of European expansion?

Three causes of European expansion are; economic causes, internal political stresses, international tensions.

What changes in European society galvanized the expansion of European peoples and cultures after 1450?

Changes in European society that galvanized the expansion of European peoples and cultures after 1450 included religious strife and political centralization. Other changes came the form of technological advances.

What were the two most important models of European political development in the early modern period?

parliamentary monarchy and political absolutism

What is the political relationship between French and England?

The United Kingdom (which includes England) and France are both members of the European Community and are represented at the European Parliament.

Why was colonization important to European countries?

Colonization supported increased economic and political power of the colonizing countries. this was important as the European countries were competing intensely with each other.

Why did the Japanese resort to isolation as a response to European expansion?

The Japanese resorted to isolation, specifically the policy of sakoku, in response to European expansion to protect their culture, prevent foreign influence, and maintain political stability. They were concerned about the spread of Christianity and potential threats to their traditional way of life.

When was European Political Science created?

European Political Science was created in 2001.

When did European Political Cooperation end?

European Political Cooperation ended in 1993.

When was European Political Cooperation created?

European Political Cooperation was created in 1970.

What is the continental European model of political economy?

What is the continental European model of political economy?

What was european expansion was driven by?

Wealth and Trade

What is the expansion of EUC?

European Union Countries