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Religion such as Buddhism spread throughout China because missionaries and explorers carried these teachings tot he country when they visited. Communities cut off from other areas quickly took in the teachings and began to pass them along to new generations.

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by telling more and more people and drinking spray cheese

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Q: How did religion spread throughout China?
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Religion in pre modern China?

lol i dont know

How did the crusades affect the whole world?

Spread of RELIGION and many other ideas :)

Why did the fall of the Han Dynasty help Buddhism spread in china?

Buddhism is an interesting religion, but also how it "migrated" is also interesting too! Buddhism was actually founded by a young Hindu Prince in India. There is a background story to it, but I won't get into that. Once the Prince found enlightenment, he began the now-modern religion throughout Asia, and few parts in Africa, Europe, and even North and South America(s). Buddhism started near the Hindu Kush, just north of New Dehli, the now day capital of India, and it spread by messenger's. Messenger's told the story of the Buddha and helped people understand Buddhism. As it grew vastly in India, Hinduism and Buddhism were almost neck and neck. But the messengers of the Buddha thought, why don't we spread this to the rest of the world! So they did, through ships, walking, running, and riding, they managed to spread the word. Now, these messengers were able to make it to China because as the old messengers told the people, "new" ones would fall in and continue spreading. Eventually, while China's main religion was Confucianism, was vast and large, by the time Buddhism got there they were neck and neck, just like Hinduism and Buddhism. So in short, it really was like a migration. Sorry for the long story, but I hope that helps!

Ideas spread to China along the trade route called what?

The Silk Road.

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What helped spread knowledge throughout china during golden age?

Books helped knowledge to spread throughout China during its golden ages. Importing of goods from European countries and industrialization spread knowledge throughout China

Which religion spread to China?


When did the Buddhism develop into a major religion in china?

I'm not sure but I believe Buddhism developed as a major religion in China when the Han Dynasty fell in 220. Chaos was spread all throughout China, and Buddhism proved to be popular in Southern China where it stressed learning and philosophy. In north china Buddhist monks became advisers to barbarian tribe rulers. The separation of northern and southern china caused Buddhism to spread throughout northern and southern schools. I hope this proves to be helpful :)

Where did Buddhism take hold?

Buddhism is a philosophy (not religion) that originated in India and spread throughout Asia and parts of china. in modern times it has also become popular throughout the western world.

What helped spread knowledge china during its golden ages?

Books helped knowledge to spread throughout China during its golden ages. Importing of goods from European countries and industrialization spread knowledge throughout China

What religion started in India but then traveled to china and is now the primary religion of china?

Buddhism is the religion that started in India(sub-continent) and spread over china.

What helped spread knowledge throughout china during it's golden ages?

Books helped spred knowledge during china's golden age.

Does rain spread throughout the year in china?


What did Buddha did in his life?

Buddha throughout his life preached the message of Ahimsa (non violence), which is the main theme of Buddhism. Buddhism spread throughout the continent of Asia and is now the state religion of China, Japan.

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Which religion dominated in India and then spread into China and Japan?


What religion originated in India and the spread into china and japan?