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it spread throughout Europe ex: Spain, Portugal, Italy, hobogen, Belgium, France, japan, united states

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it spread throughout europe ex: spain, Portugal, italy, hobogen, Belgium, France, japan, united states

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Q: Where did revolution spread in 1830?
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To what lands did revolution spread in 1830?

It is not quite right to say that the French Revolution spread to other places in 1830 (since a revolution is not an epidemic). However, the ideologies behind the French Revolution of 1830 can be said to have spread throughout Europe. The Revolution of 1830 in France brought about a July Monarchy, a constitutional monarchy that doubled the number of eligible voters. The King became the king of the French, not the king of France (a significant difference there that places the people in priority). This idea that the change for the good of the people was a possibility spread to Belgium and Poland. In Belgium, the city of Brussels rebelled against its union with Holland. In Poland, an anti-Russian insurrection was destroyed Constantine's (the tsar's brother who was head of Poland) authority. A similar situation occurred in Great Britain, where Liberals opposed the Whig party and demanded a fairer representation system of Parliament.

Year span of the Industrial Revolution?

The Industrial Revolution began in Britain in 1830, and spread throughout Europe and the USA and to Japan and the various colonial empires up to the early 20th century.

Who is the king of french revolution 1830?

before, or after? In 1830 it was Charles X out, Louis-Philippe in.

When did Belgian Revolution happen?

Belgian Revolution happened on 1830-08-25.

What was the approximate decade that the industrial revolution began in?


Where did the July revolution of 1830 happen?


One cause and effect of the french revolution of 1830?


Which was not transportation revolution of the 1820's and 1830's?


When did belgium gain its independence from the Netherlands?

Now something tells me it is 1830.... Am I right ?

Was the most successful nationalistic European revolution of 1830 in Italy?


What nations became independent for the first time as a result of a revolution in 1830?


What were the results of the revolution of 1830?

The French people unseated the monarch Charles X.