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They convinced the people that they were the peoples party. They promised the people land, shelter, and bread. Which caused the Red Army (Bolsheviks) to outnumber the white army in the Russian revolution.

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When the Soviet Union ceased to exist Yeltsin and the presidents of Belarus and Ukraine announced the formation of

Israel withdrew from Gaza and Jericho in

NATO powers led a military peacekeeping force in

The most pressing problem for the new Russian government after the Soviet Union collapsed was

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Q: How did the Bolsheviks take over the government?
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Why were the Bolsheviks able to take over the provisonal government?

because they had the support of public.

How did Lenin and the Bolsheviks take over the government?

he overtook the by force, he took the sailors and invaded the palace where the government were

How did the Bolsheviks take power?

The Bolsheviks took over the leadership of Russia in 1917. They overthrew the provisional government during the October Revolution.

Who allowed Bolsheviks to take over Russian government?

No one allowed it to happen. They took over during the Russian revolution.

How did the Bolsheviks take control of the Russinan Government?


Which group took over the Russian government in 1917?

The Bolsheviks

Who did the Bolsheviks sieze power from?

They took over from the Provisional Government.

Who were Russian revolutionaries who took control of the government in November 1917 and pledged to make peace with Germany?

Bolsheviks, who took over in the Russian October Revolution of 1917. a very bad group indeed. Bolsheviks Bolsheviks Bolsheviks Bolsheviks

Did the Bolsheviks take over after the Russian revolution?

The Bolsheviks took over after the second revolution in 1917, called the October Revolution. They did not take over after the first or February Revolution of 1917.

What was the Winter Palace for in Russia in 1917?

The Winter Palace was the headquarters for the Provisional Government. The Bolsheviks did not like how the government was being run so they wanted to take over. A major thing they wanted to change was to take them out of the war.

Who did the Bolsheviks take power from?

The Bolsheviks took power from the Russian Provisional Government then headed by Alexander Kerensky. They did not take power from the Tsar. The Tsar had already abdicated about 8 months earlier after the February Revolution resulting in the set up of the Provisional Government.

When the Bolsheviks took over the Russian government in 1917 they moved the Russian capital FROM where TO where?

From St. Petersburg to Moscow.

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