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how did art affect renaissance thinking and worldview?

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Q: How did the Renaissance affect our western worldview?
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How was the Renaissance worldview different from the Middle Ages?

The renaissance was a time of change and creativity

How did the renaissance worldview affect your current worldview?

Well look in the grade 8 textbook and find out. "If you dont kno what its called it is called worldviews. and if your that dumb not too be able to find it, then sucks for you cause your not getting this answer. Maybe go to a library.

How did the Renaissance worldview differ from the medieval worldview?

the renaissance was more of a revolution there were more scientific discoveries and it was time of great knowledge mainly during the medieval times it was more of "kings and queens serfdom during the renaissance they were eliminating serfdom"

How did the renaissance thinkers reflect the renaissance worldview?

Renaissance thinkers reflected the Renaissance worldview by emphasizing humanism, individualism, and a renewed interest in classical learning. They valued human potential, sought to understand the world through scientific inquiry, and celebrated the beauty of art and literature. These ideals contributed to a shift away from medieval thought and laid the foundation for the modern era.

How did the worldview of Renaissance people change before and after the Renaissance?

Before the Renaissance, people held a more religious and feudal worldview, focusing on the afterlife and the authority of the church and monarchy. During the Renaissance, there was a shift towards humanism, individualism, secularism, and a greater emphasis on art, science, and education, leading to a more diverse and questioning worldview.

How did Venice help shape the renaissance worldveiw?

Genoa helped shape the Renaissance worldview by creating a larger economy and becoming a large trading captal in Italy.

How did the city-state of florence reflect the renaissance worldview?

yeah aha u know wat it is :P

What was the worldview in Renaissance Europe?

The worldview in Renaissance Europe was characterized by a shift towards humanism, with a focus on human potential, individualism, and secularism. There was a renewed interest in classical learning, art, and literature, as well as a growing emphasis on observation, reason, and empirical evidence in areas such as science and exploration. This period marked a transition from the medieval worldview dominated by religion, towards a more human-centered perspective.

How did Osaka affect Japan's worldview?

Osaka did affect japan to isolate itself from the world view.

How does economy affect worldview?

the economy are super super SUPER important to the worldview. The good or bad economy will affect the agriculture of the country, the resouces of the country, the values and the society of the country; and that will all affect what travellers think about the country; there for it will also change what the other countries think about this country. In conclusion that all of the above will change the worldview.

What worldview would best fit someone who strongly believes in the zodiac calendar and signs?

The worldview is that the patterns of the planets affect our lives on earth.

To what extent can the worldview that developed during the renaissance be considered to have a positive influence on the development of the western world?

During the Renaissance, the focus shifted from entirely religious to the expansion of man. What people were capable of doing was more important than how it related to faith. Education, the arts, and attitudes became modern, and a good deal of power shifted from the clergy.