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I have many times read that the three races are from Noah's sons... Caucasian, negroid, and Asian

Biological Answer: In Africa

Humans evolved into the bipedal, jogging, land-dwelling organisms we are today, in Africa. We all descended from one woman in Africa who lived in the neighborhood of 200,000 years ago. Every single person on the planet has a traceable set of mitochondrial DNA markers that lead back to her.

Over time, some groups wandered off & settled in places that later became Asia and Europe. Other groups stayed in what later became Africa (closer to home). Each group developed adaptations that allowed them to deal with the environment in which they lived. The people that stayed in Africa retained their high levels of melanin to protect them from the UV radiation of the sun. Asians developed the Epicanthic fold & round hair shafts to help them deal with the extreme climates (often containing extremely low temperatures & high winds). Groups that later became Europeans (eventually) lost most of their melanin due to the sun not beating down on them 24/7, 365 days/year.

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Q: How did the different races CaucAsian Negro Asian start?
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Number of Asians caucAsians and africans in the world?

By adding all the population of Caucasian origin countries, or Asian or African, you will not find the true number of asians caucasians or africans in the world seeing how most countries have all races living there. But this is the only way in doing so, and the majority of these race origin countries are of the origin race. Race does not necessarily depend on the colour of your skin, but the origin of your ancestors. The major fact about Caucasians is that they developed from the Caucus Mountains and have lighter skin colours. Africans originate from Africa and have darker skin colours. Asians do not lose the fold in their eyes from birth, and originate from Eastern Asia. First off, the Asians. Asian origin countries are not every country in Asia, in fact, most of Asian countries are of Caucasian decent. The only true Asian part of Asia is the Far East. By taking the population of all the Asian origin countries and Native American population (because they too are of Asian decent, migrating from Eastern Asia) You will get 2,088,685,120, the approximate population of Asians in the world. Secondly, lets look at the countries of Caucasian origin, the continent of Europe, The Americas, Australia, and South Africa. With all populations of those countries combined we get 3,242,156,710, the approximate population of Caucasians in the world. Lastly, the Africans. The continent of Africa and Caribbean Islands,not including Cuba and Puerto Rico. The combined populations total to 893,780,330. If you combine the total Asian caucasian and African population, you will get the population of Earth. Let's round each population to the nearest 100,000,000. So Asians account for 2,100,000,000 humans, Caucasian account for 3,200,000,000 humans, and Africans account for 900,000,000 humans. So the total population of Earth is approximately 6,300,000,000. Asians account for 1/3 of the Earth, or about 34%. Caucasians account for about 1/2 of the Earth, about 51%. Africans therefore account for 15% of the Earth.

Are Indians considered Caucasian?

Yes a few percent might me australoid, mongolod mix, but majority are caucasians who migrated to India. This has been proven analyzing Skull structures of many indians, color doesn't determine race. There are white chinese & brown chinese. Indians are mainly Aryans & Dravidians, Dravidians are also considered caucasian by most Scientists. I am a scientist at Stanford, I analyzed a sample of 1000 Indian skulls, all 990 matched caucasian. But yes 10 of them showed other races.

Which race do Indo-Aryan belong to?

"Race" is such a flexible term. Some people think of there being three races (African, Asian, European) other four or five, still others as many as they need, ("Jewish race," "Irish race," etc.) Aryans or "Indo-European" were a huge collection of peoples distinquished by speaking languages with a common parent, although that parent itself has long since mutated by the time anybody thought of the term. As it suggests, there are both European and Asian (Indian) components though not quite everybody in Europe is Indo-European, nor is everybody in India. There are even other Asian members now known only through the scripts they left, known as Tocharian Linear.

How many different races in the world?

There are three major races of human beings: Caucasian, Negroid, Oriental.Answer:Racial differentiation of the human race is a contentious issue. Some maintain that there are three (primarily based on skin colour) others one (as all human groups can interbreed. The study at the link indicates nearly a hundred (depending how you count subgroups). Compounding this is that the human races (however many thre may be) are constantly intermarrying producing children with mixed attributes set up for "pure" racial streotypes.Even the old three races grouping based on "obvious" physical traits runs into problems. As an example the dark skinned Aborigines of Australia were lumped in with dark skinned natives of Africa ... but genetic and anthropological evidence puts them as having closer ties with Asia.Even if it assumed that all humans ultimately originated from Africa, there were several major migrations from that Continent far enough apart that the modern descendants of each exodus were contributors to different "races"There is little genetic difference between humans. Even on crime investigation dramas no one suggests running DNA analysis to determine race. They look for "typical" bone features and limb lengths to narrow down any racially defined description.

How many races of people have existed on the planet earth to date and how long have the races that are hear today been here?

As far as the basic category Homo Sapiens - what you and I call "human beings", the races extant today are the races that originally evolved on earth save one: Homo Sapiens Neanderthalis, which died out about 25,000 years ago on the Gibraltar coast of Spain. Neanderthals were true humans, but for reasons not fully understood, that branch of mankind died out as stated above. How long have we been here? Mostly a matter of definition. If you stick with all inclusive members of Homo Sapiens, a few hundred thousand years. If you take one step backwards to all species of the genus Homo, about four million years.

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What are the different races of the people of the world?


What are the different races in Cuba?

The population in Cuba is predominantly of mixed-race descent due to its history of colonization and migration. The main racial groups in Cuba include White/Caucasian, Black/Afro-Cuban, and Mulatto/mixed-race individuals. The diverse cultural heritage in Cuba reflects a blend of European, African, and Indigenous influences.

Which races are not caucasian?

Some races that are not Caucasian include Black or African American, Asian, Hispanic or Latino, Native American or American Indian, and Pacific Islander. These are just a few examples of racial categories that are distinct from the Caucasian race.

What are three human races?

It is important to note that race is a social construct, not a biological one. However, commonly used categories include Caucasian (White), Mongoloid (Asian), and Negroid (Black).

Is there only three true races caucasian African and Asian is this correct?

Race is a social construct and not a biological reality. There is no scientific basis for dividing humans into distinct and fixed racial categories. The classification of races into Caucasian, African, and Asian is outdated and oversimplified, and does not reflect the full diversity of human populations.

Why are you Mexican and your skin is white?

Mexicans come in a variety of races including caucasian, negro, oriental, native American and mestizo - a mixture of Spanish and native American. It is little different from the wide variety of races found in the United States.

What races are there in the US?

86% of America is Caucasian [ 73% European, 12% Latino, 1% Native American ] 11% of America is African 3% of America is Asian.

Different races of brown bears?

Grizzly, Alaskan or Kodiak, European, Asian.

How many races of people are there?

there are not that many, there are Caucasian, Asian and African, these 3 races spread into different directions across the world, hence we have so many people of different "colour" eg; the people in the Mediterranean are almost like an olive shade, Asian are more light beige Caucasian can go from pasty white to brownish, African can go from deepest ebony to light brown, then when people have children they can go either "colour" we all have the same "colour" blood bright red!! that is what makes us all human and brothers and sisters under the skin.

Hispanic black and white people?

Hispanic is a term the U.S. government created to describe a group of people from a certain region Cuba, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Central and South America. If you have Spanish or Portuguese ancestry they consider you Hispanic. History Spanish

Do Asian guys like mixed girls like White and Black?

Some Asian guys often will often date Caucasian or Black American girls or other races as well. It is also true that some Asian men are fascinated with blond haired girls because their race has dark haired girls.

What is the meaning of Interracial?

Interracial is an adjective that means "between the races" and involves people of different races or heritage. It is simply different races together. When used to describe a person, it means that a person is composed of different races such as Black, Asian, White, Mexican, Indian, and more. When used to describe a couple, it means a couple comprised of people from two different races.