Are Indians considered Caucasian

Updated: 8/23/2023
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Yes a few percent might me australoid, mongolod mix, but majority are caucasians who migrated to India. This has been proven analyzing Skull structures of many indians, color doesn't determine race. There are white chinese & brown chinese. Indians are mainly Aryans & Dravidians, Dravidians are also considered caucasian by most Scientists. I am a scientist at Stanford, I analyzed a sample of 1000 Indian skulls, all 990 matched caucasian. But yes 10 of them showed other races.

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Q: Are Indians considered Caucasian
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While many Pakistanis and Indians may have fair skin, they are not typically considered Caucasian. The terms "Caucasian" and "South Asian" refer to different racial groups with distinct genetic and cultural backgrounds. It's important to respect and understand the diversity of these groups.

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If you are a white woman and your baby's father is Turkish your baby would be half white half Turkish (mixed). Native Turks are not considered Caucasian.

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No. Mexican is a nationality.

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