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Q: How did the fall of rome to the visigoths in 410 CE change the growth and evolution of the roman catholic church?
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How did the power of the catholic church change after the french revoltuoton?

The Catholic Church was separated from government.

In the Roman Catholic Church can you change a child's godparents?

No, once a Godparent, always a Godparent in the Catholic Church.

Does the pope visiting a catholic churh does it change the status of the church?

No, it will still be a church

What did Henry VIII change whilst he was head of the catholic church?

Henry broke away from the catholic church and established the Church of England with himself as head.

Who change the Saturday to Sunday?

Answer:The Catholic Church.

Did Henry viii change catholic guidelines?

No, the Catholic Church remained unchanged. Henry founded his own church with him as the head and made many changes that were different from the true established Catholic Church.

What did the Catholic Church not change in the Reformation?

The Church did not change any of its doctrines during the Reformation. It did change, or attempt to change, some of the corrupt practices and behaviors that had crept into the Church over the years.

Did Saint Catherine of Siena change Catholic doctrine?

No, Catherine changed no doctrines of the Catholic Church.

What is the attempt to change a Catholic Church?

As the Catholic Church is the Mystical Body of Christ, and is led and guided by the Holy Spirit, I would say that any attempt to change the Church would be futile, unless you were talking about something superficial or a change that the Holy Spirit was leading it in.

Who are Eastern Catholics who recognize the pope?

Albanian Byzantine Catholic Church Armenian Catholic Church Bulgarian Greek Catholic Church Chaldean Catholic Church Coptic Catholic Church Patriarchate Ethiopian Catholic Church Byzantine Church of Croatia, Serbia and Montenegro Greek Byzantine Catholic Church Hungarian Byzantine Catholic Church Italo-Albanian Byzantine Catholic Church Macedonian Catholic Church Maronite Catholic Church Melkite Greek-Catholic Church Romanian Greek-Catholic Church Ruthenian Byzantine Catholic Church Slovak Byzantine Catholic Church Syriac Catholic Church Patriarchate Syro-Malabar Catholic Church Syro-Malankara Catholic Church Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Church

What has the author Bertram Martin Gordon written?

Bertram Martin Gordon has written: 'Catholic social thought in Austria, 1815-1848' -- subject(s): History, Catholic Church, Social evolution, Church and social problems

Which church Episcopal or roman catholic change the most?

the episcopal, because in the catholic church what is the practice of the first apostle is still practice until now.