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There is one major error here: the Catholic Church, while structured as a hierarchy, is not an example of the feudal system.

The Pope is the Bishop of Rome, and the formal leader of the Catholic Church.

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If you have a feudal system, somebody has to be at the top of it.

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Q: Why is the king on the top of the feudal system?
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Was the king at the top of the feudal system?

Yes but it was said that God was the top and then the king.

When did William introduce thew Feudal System?

It started when he became king in 1066. The feudal system was with the king at the top then the barons then came the knights then the peasant's.

Who is at the top of the feudal pyramid?

The King or as he was known in Ancient Egypt the Pharaoh

What is a noble?

A noble was part of the feudal system in Europe. The Feudal system was a type of governemnt formed in a hierartrical system. For example, those in the highest rank such as the Church and the King or Queen (matriarch) controlled everything. Then there were nobles, knights, lords, peasants, and serfs (from top to bottom of the feudal system not including the matriarch or king).

Who did the feudal system give the most power to?

The feudal system gave the most power to the monarch or king. They were at the top of the feudal hierarchy and had control over vast amounts of land, resources, and people. The king granted land and privileges to the nobles in exchange for their loyalty and military service.

An example of a king of the feudal system?

King William

What helped end the feudal system?

the black death and king john helped end the feudal system

Who started the middle ages feudal system?

king William

The Feudal System was introduced into England by?

King William the conqueror

How did crusades affect the government economy and culture of Europe?

It eliminated the feudal system in Europe. Which gave increased power to the king.

How do you use feudal system in a sentence?

The feudal system was a social structure where knights received land and protection from the king in exchange for military service.

Who was below the king in Medieval Times feudal system?

Lords and Ladies