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how did the lateen sail help the european explorers

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Q: How did the lateen sail help European explorers?
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When was the lateen sail invented?

The lateen sail was invented around 100.

What is a lateen sail?

a trangular sail

A lateen is?

A type of sail

What is a sailboat with a triangular sail called?

It is called the lateen sail.

Where was lateen sail invented?

in polynesia

What is a three sided sail?

A three sided sail is known as a Lateen sail or also a triangular sail. With a four sided sail one is only able to sail against the wind, but with a Lateen sail it is possible to sail more directly into the wind.

What technological development enabled European navigators to determine their location during the age of exploration?

Lateen sail

What is an example of Lateen Sail?

The Arabs used them

What is the importance of lateen sail?

The lateen is believed to have been used in the Eastern Mediterranean as early as the 2nd Century ce (common ear). The effective use by the Arabs caused it's rapid spread through the Mediterranean. The lateen sail was so popular because its ability to sail into the wind. Prior to the lateen a majority of sea vessels used square sails (which one can imagine wouldn't sail into the wind very effectively). The lateen made up a majority of ship sails during the Age of Discovery (When Columbus discovered the Americas). The lateen made it possible to sail faster, farther, and more efficiently. An elite ship during the Age of Discovery was the caravel, its elite status can be attributed to how effectively it utilized the lateen sail.

European explorers began to sail the world looking for routes to what continent?


Did caravel ships have a steering wheel or were they only using to sails to turn and if they did was it on the poopdeck or was it inside in a room somewhere?

No the Caravel had a lateen and a square sail and was steered by rudders. The lateen sail aloud it to sail against the wind

What kind of triangular sail was invented in 500 a.d. that allowed ships to sail more into the wind?

a Lateen Sail