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Q: What 5 regions did Chinese explorers sail to during the Ming Dynasty?
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During what dynasty did the Chinese Civilization advance?

The Han Dynasty advanced the Chinese civilization.

During the Sung dynasty Chinese sailors used a navigators compass to extend trade to what areas of the world?

During the Song dynasty, Chinese sailors used navigators' compasses to extend trade to various regions in Southeast Asia, the Indian Ocean, and even as far as East Africa. This allowed for the development of extensive trading networks and the establishment of Chinese maritime influence in these regions.

What Chinese dynasty during which painting was invented?

Tang dynasty

What was the important accomplishment of the Chinese during Han Dynasty?

an important accomplishment during the han dynasty was their inventions.

During which Chinese dynasty was silk commercialized?

The Shang Dynasty commercialized silk as a product.

In which dynasty did Chinese astrology flourish the most?

Chinese astrology came to flourish during the Han Dynasty, from the 2nd century BC to the 2nd century AD having been elaborated during the Zhou Dynasty.

What were the features of the Chinese government during the tang and song dynasty?

The Chinese government was imperial.

The first unification of the Chinese people into one empire occurred during which dynasty?

The Qin Dynasty

What developments during the Sung Dynasty made worse for the Chinese people?

The First Dynasty was the Narmer Dynasty.<3 Lol

The golden age for Chinese poetry took place during what dynasty?

The Tang dynasty.

Chinese paintings during the song dynasty?

Landscapes were the subjects of Chinese paintings during this time.

What were Chinese homes made of during the Han Dynasty?

Mostly wood.