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Song: Nature

Ming: Blue on White

Zhou: Dragon

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Q: Match each of these Chinese dynasties with the most common type of decoration pattern or image produced during the period?
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What was the pattern of the rise and fall of Chinese dynasties called?

A person of great ability (or sometimes great luck) can create a dynasty which can last for a long time as long as the various successors have sufficient ability, but once you get a dynastic heir who is particularly incompetent, the dynasty will fall.

This type of pattern often occurs in glazes on pottery and in the decoration of woven rugs of fabrics?

regular pattern

What are synonyms of the word pattern?

instruction, plan, arrangement, design, decoration, guide, mold

What is another word for pattern?

instruction, plan, arrangement, design, decoration, guide, mold

What are pattern allowances?

pattern is the model orreflica of the cast to be produced

Who made the Chinese willow pattern plate?

the first plates were mede in about 1780s.Based on chinese designs.

What is definition of rhythm?

A strong, regular, repeated pattern of movement or sound.

What is the Chinese dynastic cycle?

The dynastic cycle is a political theory in the history of China. The theory states that every dynasty goes through a rise and fall and a cycle culture.

What is the china pattern in father of the bride II?

It is Spode china, pattern is Chinese Rose.

What has the author Archibald H Christie written?

Archibald H. Christie has written: 'Traditional methods of pattern designing' -- subject(s): Decoration and ornament 'Pattern design' -- subject(s): Pattern perception, Design

Who introduced the willow pattern?

Thomas Turner introduced the Willow Pattern. For your information, the Willow Pattern is not chinese. It's british.

What is a smocking plate?

A smocking plate is a template or guide that illustrates where and how to create smocked patterns on fabric. It typically includes a design layout with perforation marks or dots that serve as a guide for stitching. Smocking plates are commonly used in smocking to help achieve uniform and precise patterns on garments.