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it affects china's country by helping them avoid being attacked, but also they can't make friends with other countries around them.

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Q: How did the natural barriers of china affect the country?
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How did the natural boundaries of china affect the relationship with the rest of the world?


The natural barriers and isolation allowed China to?

The natural barriers and isolation allowed China to

Why was India more often invaded than china?

China had more natural barriers

Why did the early Chinese have so little contact with the other ancient civilizations?

China is one of the world is largest countries. It is located in eastern Asia. Like India, China is surrounded by natural barriers. Mountains and deserts lie to the north, south, and west of China. To the east lies the Pacific Ocean. Natural barriers helped to protect ancient China from invasion. The barriers also limited China's contacts with other civilizations.

What are the three natural boundaries surrounding china?

The three natural boundaries surrounding China are the Himalayas, South China Sea and Taklamakan desert. These are natural barriers that connect China to other countries.

What natural barriers separates China and India?

The Plateau of Tibet.

Where will you find the Himylayas?

you will find the himylayaya mountains in china because the himylayas mountains are natural barriers of china

What Natural Barriers Protect China?

The gobi desert the yellow sea and mountains

Why were the Himalayas and Gobi Desert important to China?

The Himalayas and Gobi acted as natural barriers that kept invaders out of China.

What are the six natural barriers in china?

two natural land barriers in china are the Himalayas and the pacific ocean. if u are going for a third try the Gobi desert

Which country of china do natural disasters occur?

China is a country, and there are no countries in it.

What kept china isolated during ancient times?

Natural physical barriers led to China's isolation.