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China had more natural barriers

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Q: Why was India more often invaded than china?
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What is the difference in china's and India's population?

china has more habitends and india less habitends so china is more populate tahn india

Is China superior to India?

China is definitely much richer than India. The Indian Government is to be blamed for such poor economic status of India. Corruption is more in India than China.

What two countries have more people than the US?

China and India have more people than the US, with populations exceeding 1 billion each.

Who produces more tea India or china?


Why is china more successful than India in Olympics?

because china is a much more well organised country than India

Who have more people than the US?

China and India. China has about 1.2 billion people and India has 1 billion.

Who invaded India 17 times?

I think the person you are looking for is Mahmud Ghaznavi, who invaded India over 15 times. (Indian's must have been tired) For more info, type this in your browser.

Would India win war with china?

no china has much more men

What 2 countries have more people than the US?

China and India have larger populations than the United States.

What two countries have more people on them than the US?

China and India have more population than the United States.

Where does Israel get its clothes from?

The more expensive clothes come from Europe and the lower end clothes are from India and China

Does tehran support India if china attacks India?

No, the Iranians have supported the enemies of India. Tehran (Iran) supports muslim terrorists. It is more likely that Russia will support India if attacked by China. It is also very unlikely that China would attack India, unless in retaliation for something that India does.