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Q: How did the position of women change between 1870 and 1914?
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What was the trend for men and women colleges between 1870 and 1910?


Name one major industrial change between 1870 and 1914?


Name the first major change in industry between 1870 and 1914?

trades, were the first major change

What has the author Margaret Gibbons Wilson written?

Margaret Gibbons Wilson has written: 'Women and the city, 1870-1920' 'The American woman in transition' -- subject(s): History, Social change, Women 'Floridians at Work'

Who were the major world powers between 1870 and 1914?

Both UK and USA were the major world powers between 1870 and 1914.

Which armies had increase size between 1870 and 1914?

The armies of both France and Germany had more than doubled between 1870 and 1914

What was worn in Hawaii in 1870?

Men wore a tapa loin cloth and women a tapa skirt. Both sexes were normally topless but a cloak of feathers was also often used both for utility and as a badge of rank and position.

What did women in London wear from 1800-1870?

corsets, petticoats, bonnets, etc

What amendments were added between 1865 and 1870?

3 constitutional amendments were ratified between that time : )

What was the largest labor in Union in the US in the 1870's?

In the middle of the 1870's the Knights of Labor was the largest worker's union in the US. Ten percent of its members at the end of the 1870's were women factory workers.

Which armies increased in size between 1870 and 1914?

it were between two

Where were immigrants between 1870-1900 mostly from?