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Dehumanizing is the process of taking away human qualities from a person. A "people" do not have a policy on this kind opinion, it varies from individual to individual.

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Q: How did the serbs dehumanize the Muslims?
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Was the Muslims Croats and Serbs are vying for control of Bosnia?

The answer is "True".

Who was involved in the ethnic conflicts in Bosnia?

"who cares" was some guy's answer, but mine is a bit different Serbs VS Croats Serbs VS Muslims Muslims VS Croats for a period Muslims against Muslims for a period And naturally, there were Croats and Serbs in the Muslim army ( Bosnian army) so that makes it Serbs vs Serbs Croats Vs Croats Crazy I know

What are some ethnic groups that live in russia?

one is Muslims, Croats and Serbs

Which religions were involved in the Bosnian war?

There were lots of Muslims for Bosnian and Christians for Serbs

What was it called when Bosnian Serbs used violence to rid Bosnia of its Muslims?

Ethnic Cleansing

Why were the bosniak killed in srenrenica?

The Bosnian are killed because they are Muslims. Serbs are always hated Muslim and they waited for opportunity that they can killed.

What is a sentence using the word dehumanize?

Serial killers often dehumanize their victims, treating them as objects rather than people. We should not dehumanize the homeless, but address them as individuals with specific problems.

How do you describe treatment of Muslims by Serbs of Yugoslavia in 1990?

The Muslims were subjected to the worst kinds of atrocities. They were killed ruthlessly, women raped, put into small dungeons to die. properties confiscated and humiliated. It is a heart-rending story.

What are the differences between serbscroats and Muslims in Bosnia?

The 3 main populations in Bosnia are: Bosnian Muslim Bosnian Serbs Bosnian Croats Very generally speaking the Serbs are Orthodox, the Croats are Catholic and the Muslims are Muslim. The langauges these people speak are basically the same (once called 'Serbian-Croatian') but there are differences in spelling and pronunciation. Politically most Bosnian people are happy with the status quo and want to live in peace but there are still many Bosnian Serbs who want to be part of Serbia, many Bosnian Croats who want to be part of Croatia and many Bosnian Muslims who resolutely don't want their country to be divided up.

What groups involved in the Bosnian genocide?

The Bosnian Genocide refers to either genocide at Srebrenica and Zepa and both of those were perpetrated by Bosnian Serbs in the Army of Republika Srpska led by General Ratko Mladic.

What Selena Gomez thoughts about Serbs?

Serbs are like any other people so she thinks good about serbs

The treatment of the Armenians by ottoman Turks in the late 19th and early 20th centuries and the treatment of Muslims by the Serbs of Yugoslavia in the 1990's are both examples of?

human rights violations