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'How do you get the copy of surrender Indian passport?

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Q: How do you get the copy of surrender Indian passport?
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You are Pakistani girl holding british Passport you want to surrender Pakistani Passport?

yes i want to live in canda or England with my sister and mother..i having Pakistani passport i would surrender my Pakistani passport. i want study in canda or England

Does a Canadian citizen with Indian passport need visa to visit US?

how can you be a Canadian citizen with Indian passport. If you are Canadian resident with Indian passport yes you have to get a US Visa.

How can you trace your fathers original Indian passport before he got a british passport when he came to UK approx 1950?

how can i trace my fathers Indian passport

Can you use notorized copy of passport for international flights?

No, you need your actual passport.

When do you have to surrender your foreign passport when you are applying for US Citizenship?

You NEVER have to surrender your foreign passport. When you are sworn in as a US citizen at the oath-taking ceremony you do have to give up your permanent resident card (green card).

Does an Indian passport holder need a visa to Syria?

Yes I want the Syria visa on Indian Passport... please help

Can you get a copy of your passport if you have a passport card?

The passport card itself is the passport. However, it has its limitations in use as compared to the traditional book passport.

Can you get an Indian passport if you were born in India but also want to keep your British Passport?

No you cannot get an Indian Passport, The Indian Government does not allow holding two passports... But, you can get OCI( Overseas Citizenship of India ) : if your parents / grandparents held Indian passport at anytime in their life they you should be able to get OCI. OCI is a life long Indian Visa Endorsed in your Passport and you also get a booklet which looks similar to Indian passport but it is technically not a passport. You will all the rights as any ordinary Indian citizen. Cheers! Sukhdeep.. Thanks - I was born in India so would my birth certificate qualify me (plus my wife and UK born child) for OCI?

How do you get a toursit visa to bora bora islands for an Indian passport holder?

how do get toursit visa bora bora for indian passport holder

What will happen if Indian Passport damaged in US?

If i am a born Indian married to a Pakistani presently holding Pakistani passport my husband died recently how can i resume my Indian citizenship?

Anyone born in India is entitled to get an Indian Citizenship even though you stayed overseas as a citizen of another country. You will have to apply for a citizenship and you may be asked to submit a birth certificate- school records-sworn affidavits from 2 persons stating that they know you. Before you regain your Indian citizenship you will be asked to surrender your Pakistani citizenship/passport. Best of Luck

How do you check visa status by Indian passport no?

passport no F1044835 UAE visa status