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The post-World War II division of Germany into four occupation zones affected both the Germans and the occupation-countries in numerous ways. The countries involved (France, Great Britain, the Soviet Union, and the United States) experienced both negatives and positives; for instance, they suffered additional expenses and responsibilities and yet, positively, could demonstrate their superior strength and have a direct hand in rebuilding Germany. For Germans, the same mixed bag of effects was evident: occupation was a constant reminder of their defeat in the war, yet it also prevented the country from falling into anarchy in the immediate post-war period.

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Q: How do you think dividing Germany into four parts affected Germans and those countries occupying?
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What were the Alliances between the countries in world war 2?

Germans Japanese Americans

What is the treaty of resi?

treaty of resi states what the Germans have to pay or do to the other countries and that they can't rebuild their military

How was Germany affected after World War 1?

During the beginning of the war the death rates were huge. Germany's usage of gas increased the number of deaths in the country. Along with Germans other citizens were affected, the most affected was Russia. even though Germany had high death rates the country faced about 300,000 to 900,000 not much compared to Russia. But, this was not the only problem with the usage of the gas. After the war Germany was linked responsible for the damages on the other countries and faced economic problems. at the end of the war Germany had to compensate those countries that faced damages. Germany was responsible for the damages of citizens such as mental illnes or psychological problems. In addition to that Germany lost some land to foreign countries

What were all of the countries that took place in the invasion of Normandy?

The Americans, British, Canadians and French resistance were the invading forces. The Germans were the defenders.

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The countries of the United States and Canada condemned the attack against Belgium because it was done by the Germans who were part of the allied forces. The attack was unprovoked and the Germans murdered many civilians for no reason.

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(The Jews living in Germany were German... and you can't exactly say the Germans were 'occupying' their own country)

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The Germans had won military victories which gave them power over the countries which they occupied.

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