How does Mr Ages help Brutus?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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He helps Brutus defend himslef.

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Q: How does Mr Ages help Brutus?
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What does portia demand of Brutus?

Portia dies by swallowing fire, or as we would say burning coal. Brutus reacts to her death is sorrow, but in calm sorrow - without weeping and such. He simply accepts her death and moves on.

Who is Brutus servant?

Varro: A servant of BrutusClitus: A servant of BrutusClaudio: A servant of BrutusStrato: A servant of BrutusLucius: A servant of BrutusDardanius: A servant of Brutus

What did the Roman Emperor Brutus wear?

Marcus Brutus would wear the standard Roman tunic and toga, just like all the other men of his time. If you are referring to the character Marcus Brutus in Shakespeare's play, he would wear whatever the wardrobe department gave him.

Is Brutus displayed as a vilain or a hero?

In the play Julius Caesar, by William Shakespeare, Brutus is displayed as a tragic hero. All tragic heroes are brought down by their own hubris and it is no different for Brutus in this play. Brutus, did of course, betray and murder his closest friend Julius Caesar, but he did so for what he believed to be noble purposes. Brutus did not kill, or more correctly participate in Caesar's murder, out of malice, he loved Caesar but loved the republic of Rome more. His actions were in the defense of the Republic of Rome and because Marcus Brutus was loved by the people of Rome, the murder of Caesar was more readily accepted by the people. Brutus' hubris was not that he killed Caesar but that he misjudged the characters of those around him. Brutus was an idealist and believed as much in the goodness of people as he did the Republic of Rome. He missed judged Cassius motives in the beginning of the play and later misjudged Marc Antony. Brutus own air of superiority is in the end what brought him down, but he is not a villain but rather a tragic hero.

What are two things brutus says he will never do even if he loses the war?

In scene 1 Brutus said that he will never commit suicide, and will never be a prisoner dragged through the streets of Rome. In scene 5 Strato helped Brutus to commit suicide. He held his sword and Brutus run on it.

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Who saved Brutus in MrsFrizby and the Rats of NIMH?

Mr ages

Why was Mrs Frisby going to Mr Ages' house?

Mrs. Frisby was going to Mr. Ages' house to seek medicine for her sick son, Timothy. She hoped that Mr. Ages, who was a skilled doctor, could help treat Timothy's illness.

What happened to the last rat out of the hole in the Rats of NIMH?

The last rat was Brutus and he survived in the end as Mr Ages gave him some medicine to drink so he rested for half and hour before going on his way.

What does brutus fear when he hears the crowds shouting?

When the crowds are shouting Brutus fears that they are asking Caesar to be the king. Cassius is trying to persuade Brutus to help him kill Caesar.

What is Brutus fate?

He kills himself with Strato's help.

What reason does caesars ghost give for coming to visit brutus?

Caesar's ghost says he comes to tell Brutus that he (Brutus) will see him (the ghost) at Philippi. But this is not what he means. What he means is that Caesar will be revenged on Brutus at Philippi

Whom do Cassius Casca and Cinna want to help them with their plot?

They want Brutus to help them.

Who does Stewie help to rid of her cockney accent?

brutus the barger

How many refused to help brutus commit suicide?


Why did the owl listen to Mrs Frisby?

The owl, named Mr. Ages, listened to Mrs. Frisby because he knew her to be a trusted friend and important ally. He respected her courage, kindness, and determination to protect her family. Mrs. Frisby also sought Mr. Ages for advice and help, leading him to assist her whenever possible.

What does Brutus ask clitus dardanius and volumnius to do?

Help him commit suicide

How does brutus commit treason towards Caesar?

Brutus and Caesar were good friends, or so Caesar thought. Brutus killed Caesar. He stabbed him around 2 dozen times. He had help of course, but he did the deed.