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In scene 1 Brutus said that he will never commit suicide, and will never be a prisoner dragged through the streets of Rome.

In scene 5 Strato helped Brutus to commit suicide. He held his sword and Brutus run on it.

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He will never commit suicide, and will never be a prisoner dragged through the streets of Rome.

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Q: What are two things brutus says he will never do even if he loses the war?
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What did Brutus says he will never do even if he loses the war?

Kill him.

What warning does Brutus receive from Julius?

Julius doesn't give Brutus a warning. However, before Julius died, he said "Et tu Brutus" or " and you Brutus". What meant is that even Brutus, who is his friend, wanted him dead.

With which words does Caesar acknowledge his sad surprise that Brutus is part of the conspiracy?

"Et tu Brute?" which means "And even you Brutus" or "You too, Brutus?"

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How did Brutus feel about Caesar being crowned king?

I believe that Brutus was a little ticked off in way, because even though Caesar was powerful, he was physically weak, and had many others things gone wrong with him, such as epilepsy for instance. You can see if this is true or not in Act I i believe, if not Act II, but Brutus talks about how he had to get him from the Tiber river, and how Caesar had a seizure, and was shaking on the ground and such, and the foam was coming out of Caesar's mouth and everything, he was screaming for Brutus's help. And Brutus of course went and helped him out.

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Caesar's friend who helped murder him was?

Both of the Brutii. Marcus Brutus and Decius Brutus were both Caesar's friends, Decius even being mentioned in Caesar's will.

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What is Cassius reaction to brutus not wanting cicero to become a conspirator?

"Then leave him out." Cassius goes along with all of Brutus's suggestions just to get him in the gang, even though some, if not all, of them are politically unwise or even suicidal.

What did brutus mean when he said it was Greek to you?

Brutus didn't say that. Casca didn't say that, even. Can you not tell the difference between "it was Greek to you" and "it was Greek to me"?Casca is reporting what went on while Brutus and Cassius were talking. He says that Cicero made a speech in Greek, "but for my part, it was Greek to me." Casca means he doesn't speak Greek so he didn't understand any of it. The expression "it was Greek to me" (NEVER "it was Greek to you.") means "I didn't understand a word of it."