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paternalism effects Africans because we aren't giving them rights.

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Q: How does paternalism effect Africans?
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Why did European colonists believe they had the right to colonize Africa?

Paternalism- belief that they were to look over and take care of the Africans and imperialism because European thought they were better than the africans

The European policy of paternalism reflected the belief that Africans should be?

Governed in a parental way by providing for their needs but not giving them rights.

Is the book Swallow Barn an example of paternalism?

Books are not paternalism, which is someone's CONDUCT toward others.

Is Iraq an example of paternalism?


What is the opposite of paternalism?


What is paternalism of ethics?

The paternalism of ethics contains the code of conduct which describes people about best practice to meet certain challenges.

What is federal paternalism?

it is foul as dominate.

What effect did triangular trade have?

The africans were forced to become slaves.

Paternalism is best defined?

Paternalism is The process where people in authority, restrict the rights of those under them. It is supposedly with everyone best interest in mind.

How is paternalism best defined?

Legal paternalism is when the laws protect you from harming yourself. Seatbelt laws are an example of legal paternalism. You don't hurt anyone else by not wearing one, just yourself. It is kind of like the government being your mom and dad.

Providing for peoples needs not their rights?


What effect did the introduction of European ideas have on African societies?

Nova Net Answer: Africans were encouraged to learn European traditions.