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500 miles

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Q: How far north did Islam spread in the 600s?
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How far west did Islam spread?

To allover the world; from west to east and from north to south. Prior to the 20th century, the farthest westward that Islam had spread was Morocco and Mauritania.

When Muhammad died how far did Islam spread?

After the death of Muhammad, Islam spread all the way to the northern Arabian Peninsula.

What are some areas far from the birthplace of Islam where the religion has spread?

Islam has spread to all continents of the world , the farthest point is Alaska .

Who spread the religion Islam the most?

It was during the reign of the second Rightful Caliph Hazrat Omar RAU the Islam spread far and wide.

What factors hindered the spread of Islam in Eastern Africa?

Spread of Islam was not hindered in east africa, it reached as far as Zambia, Mozambique and further south to Rwanda

What is the geograpgy of Islam?

Islam spread from Saudi Arabia to neighbouring countries in the gulf (Iraq, Iran, Syria, Jordan, Palestine, Yemen, UAE...) Then Islam spread to North Africa (Egypt, Morocco, Mali, Sudan, Chad, Somalia, Burkino Faso, Mauritania...) Then Islam spread to Europe (Turkey, Spain...) Then Islam spread to the far East (India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Russia...) Through slave trade, Islam spread to USA and Southern Africa in the 18th and 19th centuries. Today Muslim countries are concentrated in the Middle East, North Africa and Far East regions. Muslims can however be found in every country in the world with the exception of a few Islands where Muslim tourists are found and not Muslim citizens. Islam is the world's fastest growing religion and the second largest religion at present.

What areas of the world did Islam spread to after the death of Muhammad?

In his last years, Muhammad conquered the entire Arabian Peninsula. Within just 40 years of his death, Islam had spread throughout the Middle East and North Africa, and even had a foothold in Spain and Sicily.

How has Islam spread far and wide?

Islam was spread far and wide mainly because of:Trade that reached the Far East including China, Indonesia, the Philippines, and many other countriesthe authenticity of Islam religion, its simplicity and logicsthe authenticity of Quranthe good morals as extracted from QuranProphet Muhammad as a good model in all aspects of life.refer to related questions below.

How far did east did Muslim territory spread during the period of the rightly guided caliphs?

The farthest east area with Muslim-majority population are the Halmahera Islands in the Indonesian archipelago.

Which is a way that interregional connections have affected cultural or economy development?

Christianity and Islam spread far from where they were founded

What type of routes did Islam first spread along in the Arabian Peninsula?

Islam first spread along TRADE ROUTES since merchants could often bring the religion to places too far away to effectively conquer.

Mosques in North Korea?

Yes, there are far more mosques in North Korea. And soon, the whole country will convert into Islam. If you are interested in Islam, please study with open mind. Islam is the right way for the entire human beings.