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In the far North, it is mostly Inuit if you go down south there are different tribes besides Inuit

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Q: What are the indigenous tribes of Northern Canada?
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What Languages are spoken in the northern region of Canada?

In the northern region of Canada, the primary languages spoken are English and French, as these are the official languages of the country. Indigenous languages such as Inuktitut, Cree, and Ojibwe are also spoken by Indigenous communities in the northern regions of Canada.

What regions were igloo built?

Igloos are traditionally associated with Eskimos and other indigenous tribes of Canada and Alaska

Who are the natives?

Many tribes that resided in the United States also lived in Canada. In northern Canada there are many unique tribes called Inuit, Eskimo and other names.

When is the salmon season in Africa?

salmon are not indigenous to Africa, try North America, Canada and Northern Europe

What tribes lived in igloos?

The Intuit tribes lived in igloos. The Intuit tribes lived in Alaska, and in Northern Canada. The Intuit would fish through the ice for food.

What is an example of an Indigenous Tribes?

Some indigenous tribes in the Congo are the Mbuti, Aka, Baka and Twa tribes who are all part of the pgmy group.

Are there indigenous people in Guatemala?

Yes, there are indigenous tribes in Guatemala

What were the major tribes in antarctica?

There are no Antarctic tribes as there are no indigenous people in Antarctica.

How do you use the word Eskimos in a sentence?

(Eskimo is an older term for some Inuit tribes of northern Canada, and similar Alaskan tribes.)The Eskimos of northern North America developed a culture to fit the frigid Arctic conditions.

What is lapland?

Indigenous people living in northern Norway.

What are the names of the Indian tribes in Canada?

Some of the tribes located in the far north include: The Inuit The Inuvialuit (descendants of the Thule of Russia) The Yupik The Innu (Northern Quebec) The Dog Rib The Inupiat (Alaska) This is by no means an exhaustive list and hardly does the Northern Indian tribes justice as the tribes are more complex in their relations and origins than can be described here. You can find more tribes and information by visiting the link below.

What does lnuit mean?

Inuit is the name of the indigenous peoples who inhabit the northern territories in Canada's arctic. The word itself mean 'the people' in the Inuktitut language.