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Democracy made it possible for different people to air their views and be considered. Democracy has ensured that more Europeans participate in issues of governance and economy.

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Q: How has Democracy changed the history of Europe?
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When Athens were defeated by Macedonia its government changed to a democracy or directorship?

it was changed to democracy

How di d-day change history?

It changed history by putting huge Allied armies into occupied Europe. This was the end for the German occupation.

Did Sparta changed from an oligarchy to a democracy?


What is the history of Democracy?

The history of democracy is actually quite extensive. The first known democracy to become popular and well known was in the United States.

Who did Pericles change the Athenian democracy?

they changed the democracy by telling them to take pride in there city.

What continent is considered the birthplace of democracy?


What has the author Lawrence Pratchett written?

Lawrence Pratchett has written: 'Developing democracy in Europe' -- subject(s): Council of Europe, Democracy, Politics and government

How has European history changed since 1950?

The most outstanding change in European history since 1950 was the end of Soviet dominance in Eastern Europe. By 1999 most of Europe can be said to be free in terms of their citizens' ability to chose their own types of government.

What affect does the Greek history have on the American history?

Greek history was the foundation for democracy in American History.... :-)

What is something that changed history that happened before 1850?

Charles Martel defeated the Moors at Tours in 732, stopping the Islamic conquest of Europe.

Why were Americans discouraged by the of dictatorship in Europe and Asia?

Americans and the US are very patriotic and large advocates of democracy. The US has a long history of trying to spread democracy around the world because of its strong favoritism of democracy, as the US was the first modern democracy in the world. Especially in the past, the US wanted nothing to do with dictatorships or non-democratic nations. That is why there was the Cold War, for starters.

What is the dominant political system in Europe?

parliamentary Democracy