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the land has changed alot but the anamals to

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2009-05-21 12:43:17
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Q: What has changed throughout history?
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How has a stapler changed throughout history?


Has jamaican flag changed throughout the countries history?

yes it has

How has the relationship between religion and art changed throughout history?

The government

How has navigating the world changed throughout history?

So times it is from the weater or how you gp

How have fossil organisms changed throughout geological history?

They have evolved. There entire structure has changed, like their skeleton and their appearance.

What is the importance of history in schools?

it teaches our young pupils about how the world has changed throughout the years and what they do could become history.

How has. Hinduism changed recently?

Hinduism has been changing constantly. As an example original Hinduism was the culture of Dravidians. It has changed completely throughout the course of history.

How have maps changed throughout history?

Yes in Mesopotamia it was their brain knowledge and know it is maps. You suck

Was Chile flag change throughout the country history if so why how has it change?

yes it has been changed multiple times. the colors and shape have changed

How hot was it in ancient Egypt years ago?

The climate in Egypt has not changed significantly throughout recorded history

What is meses?

The main street to which most of the old fora were connected. Its purpose has changed to varying extents throughout history.

How has meteorology changed over history?

Meteorology has changed throughout the years because of changes in technology. Weather can be tracked successfully with high tech tools that exist today.

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