How has food changed?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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You need to pick a time frame. 50, 100 years or back to the hunter gatherer stage. Prior to a hundred years ago or so, pretty much everything had to be made from scratch or produced by yourself. Raise your own vegetables, animals for meat.


Food has changed in many ways over the centuries, as well as in recent years. One of the most significant changes in the past few decades has been the shift from food production being centered in or near the home to food being produced by huge corporations at great distances from the point where it is consumed. Most recently, in the U.S., the amount of food cooked and eaten at home has dropped significantly compared to the amount of food cooked and eaten elsewhere (restaurants, fast food.)

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Over the Milleniums, food has changed. Going from the simple speck of dirt, to the extravagant aroma givving fillet migon. But what we don't realize, is that these new foods, are really mind controll, and I will show you how.

10000 BC At this time, humans were killing large beasts, such as the mega lion, the mega sabertooth tiger, and even the super mega wolly mammoth, and cooking them.

1000 BC Now, humans were living together in cities. Men were normally hunters, and women were normally gatherers. at this time, people ate all sorts of foods.

100 AD Food was basically the same as 1000 BC until the Rennissaunce times, so i will sust scip a couple Centuries

1500 AD People now were eating luxury foods, including Appelum Beesai, and poop le costa.

1800 AD In this age, large waves of imigrants were coming to America, and they ate foods, such as popcorn in milk, wheat and barley, and even soap, when they were naughty

1950 AD At this time, large restuaraunt chains were starting to appear, like MacDonnald's, and Wendy's, bt they were not as popular as they are today

2010 AD This time in history was MacDonnald's industrial power hour. Today they mind controll peoople with their burgers, fries, play places, frappes, and even the new fruit smoothies. First of all, the play place walls are coated in a crack cocaine paint, so when little kids lick it, they then become addicted. Every day they encourage their mommies to let them go to macdonnalds, so they can order food, and sustain their cocaine addiction. The burgers, however, are really made of human waste, from production facilities, under the Macdonnalds name. Sadly the Burgers also have cocain in them, so the kids get addicted to them. The french fries are also coaTED IN A form of crystal meth. the smoothies, and frappes have crystal meth in them, that's thiose little lumps in them. When the adults drink the frozen drinks, they too become addicted, making them need to go to macdonnalds. Lastly, the ballpits are regularly stuffed with heroin. Macdonnalds over the years has become not a place to go on special occasions, and happily, but it is really an industrial drug lord owned obese business.,

I hope this has helped you understand the growth of difference of food

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Q: How has food changed?
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