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It didn't play a role because the founding fathers had seen the results of religion in the relationship to government and the abuses that came with it. They wanted to insure that there was no state religion and that the laws were secular in nature to make sure all people were treated equally under the law. Most of the founding fathers were also repeatedly refused to be swayed by religious opinion, but directly challenged the right of the church to interfere with secular matters. The belief that the US was founded as a Christian nation is held by those who think it is in danger of coming under the influence of non-Christians. In fact, it never was a Christian nation except in the most literal sense that most of the people who came were Christians. Not one word is said about Christianity in the Constitution nor is it in the Declaration of Independence. The Declaration refers only to " nature's God."

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Q: How has religion remained part of government?
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The Colony of Newfoundland were granted responsible government in 1854 and it remained independent until 1949 when Newfoundland joined Canada.

What is the difference between early settlers and us now?

Early settlers in American had no formal government. The people based everything in their lives around their religion. America now has a formal government that is not formed around a religion because of the diverse cultures.

Which best describes religious practices in the western Europe before and after the collapse of the roman empire?

APEX: Roman Catholicism remained the dominant religion.

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Religion was an important aspect and part of Phoenician society.

Why is church and government separated?

In some countries, church aka religion is part of government policies and in some countries a particular religion is called the "official religion" of these nations. In Western nations, religion normally plays no role in government practices and policies. In the United States Constitution, the first amendment states that the government cannot establish an "official" religion, nor interfere with the practice of different religions among its citizens. There is a good reason for the amendment to forbid government interference in religion, it prevents government from denying citizens part of their freedoms.

Is clergy a branch of government?

No, the clergy is not a branch of government. In the US, there is the separation of church and state. This means that there is no official national religion, and that religion cannot play a part in government affairs.

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The government remained neutral during labor actions, preferring to let factory owners handle each situation.

How did the government respond to organized labor in the latter part of the nineteenth century?

The government remained neutral during labor actions, preferring to let factory owners handle each situation.

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Religion was government

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it rejects religion playing a part in venices government