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how important was shah wali ullah in Islam in subcontinent in 1850

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Q: How important was shah wali ullah in the spread of Islam in the sub continent before 1850?
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Did haji shariatullah contribute more to the spread of Islam than anyone else in the sub continent?

It is difficult to estimate who played the most important role in the spread Islam in the sub-continent. There are so many Scholars and Sufia who spread Islam in the sub-continent.

Was Islam spread under the Abbasid caliphate?


Why is it important about the city of yathrib later called medina?

it spread islam to the people who lived there

What was the spread of the Arabic language important to the spread of Islam?

so that there would be more people to join the muzlims on there journey to the holy place

How did Islam spread to libya?

Islam spread to libya by other countries

What do you consider to be the most important factor in the spread of Islam?

Truthfulness of Islam teachings, of Quran holy book, and of Prophet Muhammad as God messenger.

What is the growth of Islam?

Islam is growing at a rate of 2.9% in America. Before current times, it was spread throughout the middle east by the Prophet Mohammad.

A struggle or conflict to spread Islam?

A struggle or conflict to spread Islam is a Jihad

How did Islam spread by?

Islam never spread by war. Refer to question below.

What two directions does Islam spread from the Arabian peninsula?

Islam spread north at first and then spread east and west.

Why and how did Islam expand?

In short islam expanded through various (non-violent) ways, such as in malaysia Islam came there by trading as muslims from makkah went over there and showed the honesty and trade rules which Islam set which they did not follow before Islam, They were impressed by the trading teachings and converted. The reason it spread is because for muslims it is a duty for them to spread it and show others what islam has to offer.

Islam was spread by what language?

It was spread in Arabic.