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Q: How long did poor children work in Victorian times and what time of jobs did they do?
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What jobs did poor Victorian children parents do?

Most of their parents just found a job available as long as,they were able to earn money for there family.

How old were you when you left school in Victorian times?

Children left school at 14 for a long time , up to and including the 1920's.

How long ago was the Victorian times?

The Victorian era ended with the death of Queen Victoria in 1901

How long did Victorian times go on for?

It went on for 81 years

How long did poor Victorian children live?

Sometimes not long, they died from malnutrition, or disease and inherited complaints that then were unknown

Name at least 5 hardships that child laborers working children faced during Victorian Times.?

long hours, unregulated hours, no health and safety, worked in hazardous locations, no education.

What poor jobs did the Victorians have?

In Victorian times, poor people often were forced to take jobs that were dangerous, dirty, and menial. These jobs could involve working with dangerous substances that damaged their health, operating or servicing machinery with no regulations in place to protect them from injury or death, or working long hours in poor conditions with little pay. There were no provisions for protecting workers and they could be fired without notice or compensation at the whims of the employers.

What clothes did the teachers wear in Victorian times?

teahers wore a long skirt with a black shirt

What did Victorian factories workers do?

Victorian workers who were poor, got alot less money than rich people, they had to work in chimney's, some breathed up the soot and died some worked in factories, and some got squashed by machines! it was bad working in Victorian times, you got tones of dangerous jobs, and most got killed, but survived long enough to give their family a paying from the job.

Since when have dates in Britain been written day month year?

a long time ago after Victorian times.

In Victorian times how long were you sent to prison for?

As now, that very much depended on the offence and the judge who set the sentence!

How long did children live in Victorian times?

Most children wouldn't make it past the age of 5 but the majority of them lived until they were 10, rich children however lived significantly longer because they had access to medicine, good housing, clothes, food etc. so the average child would live to 10-15.