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It usually took up to 3 or 4 months

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Q: How long did the ships Susan Constant the Godspeed a the Discovery take to get to America?
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What ships sailed from the Virginia company?

The Godspeed, Discovery, and Sarah (or Susan) Constant.

What was the name of the captain of the ship?

The Discovery, Susan Constant and the Godspeed.

What was the names of john smith's ships?

The Discovery, Susan Constant and the Godspeed.

What where the names of Christopher Newports ship?

The Susan Constant,the Godspeed,and the Discovery.

What is the name of a ship that sailed to Jamestown in 1614?

god speed susan consation discoveryIt is the God speed, the Susan Constitution, and the Discovery.Small mistake, the ships were actually called the Godspeed, Susan Constant and the Discovery

What are the three ships that sailed to Jamestown called?

the discovery the susan constant and the well I dont know that one

What three ships sailed into the chesapeak bay in 1607?

The discovery.. The God speed and the Susan Constant... Your welcome.. Subscribe to Birdman Gaming

What 3 ships from England landed on the shores of North America in 1609 before the Mayflower landed in Massachuestt?

Susan Constant, Godspeed and Discovery

What was the name of Captain John Smith's Ship?

The Discovery, Susan Constant and the Godspeed.

Who were the sailing masters of the ships Discovery Susan Constant and Godspeed?

John Smith and John Rolfe

What are the names of the three ships that brought English settlers to Jamestown?

The Susan Constant, the Godspeed, and the Discovery

What were the names of the thee ships that sailed to Jamestown?

The three ships that sailed to Jamestown were the Susan Constant the Godspeed and the Discovery. All three of these ships were built in England and set sail for Jamestown in December of 1606. They arrived in Virginia in April of 1607. The Susan Constant The Godspeed The Discovery