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4 to 5 hours i don't really know for sure but every time i put it on 1 hour sleep timer and its fully charged 1 bar is off so u can run a test take a stop watch have it fully charged and wait or if u don't wanna wait record the mp3 and watch the finished results.

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Q: How long do Philips batteries last?
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I prefer Philips after owning two ipod mp3 players. Apple's batteries do not last long enough.

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It all depends of the type of batteries and what you areusing them in.

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The Sonicare Advance toothbrush, made by Philips, differs from other toothbrushes on the market because it operates on rechargeable batteries. The batteries seem to last about two weeks per charge.

How much longer do rechargable AA batteries last, on average, compared to standard duracell batteries?

Rechargable batteries will not last as long as normal AA's, but, of course, can be recharged, and should last over a year.

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