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a Chinese school day goes from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm and they go to school from Monday to Saturday so they only have day of the weekend, and on that day they mostly do homework anyway (they have like more than 5 pages of homework to do in one day.)

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jk, he;s very wird.china peopleare very sad all the time, auston grave is hotabout a minute they spend all their times on video games cos there sad

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China has about 260 days of school.

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Q: How long is the Chinese school year?
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How long is a Chinese school year?

6 years,splited into two phases:middle school and high school. College year is 4 years (medic 5 years).

Do the Chinese have school on the new year?


On Chinese New Year is there school?


How long does a Chinese school go for?

A typical Chinese school day lasts from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM, with a lunch break. The school year in China usually begins in September and ends in July. This schedule may vary depending on the specific school and grade level.

How long douse Chinese New Year last?

Chinese New Year is 15 days.

How long does Chinese New Year last for 2012?

Chinese New Year celebrations last for 15 days.

Do Chinese students go all year to school?

maybe they do who knows only the chinese people knows

How long does lunchtime go for in a Chinese school?

40 minutes

How many days in a Chinese School Year?

A Chinese school year typically consists of around 200-220 days of instruction, which is divided into two semesters. The specific number of days can vary depending on the specific school and region in China.

Is education important to Chinese people?

Yes yes and yes the Chinese go to school long and are very strict about this

How long was a school year in California in 1960?

The school year in California was a traditional school year in 1960. The school year in California continues to have traditional school year calendars.

Students in china attend school about 251 days per year About what percent of the year do Chinese students spend in school?

you do not know anything wiki answer