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if there is an answer, it must be ancestor

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Q: New Year is a time for Chinese families to honor their?
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What New Year is a time Chinese families to honor their?

To honor their ancestors

New year is a time for Chinese families to honor their what?

Chinese New Year commemorates the turning of the zodiac and lunisolar calender, similar to New Year's Day of the Gregorian calender. Many myths and traditions unfold on Chinese New Year. It also symbolizes the rebirth and erasure of a person's past performances and allows them to start fresh. Prayers and blessings are often said to others.

What is Chinese New Year time for families?

It is a time for family and friends to renew bonds and celebrate the start of a new lunar year.

What are the Chinese significance of the Chinese New Year?

Chinese celebrate chinese new year because it's a part of their tradition. same through with us people, we also celebrate our new years because it is part of our tradition .. hope my answer helped you :D

What time of year is it best to go to China?

the chinese new year

What time of year is itm on the Chinese calendar?

Year of the White Tiger.

What year was Chinese New Year invented?

knobody really knows when the Chinese new year really began but people say two different reasons one is that centuries ago there was a beast that come at the end of each year that attacked and killed the villagers.loud noisses,and lights scared it away and that's apparently how it began.And reason two is that it is supposed to be tied up to their ancestors,and the lunar solar Chinese was a time to honor household and heavenly deaties,also ancestors

Why are the Chinese calendar year and the US year not the same?

different time lines

What time does Chinese people eat chicken broccoli?

In the fall or spring, chinese new year

How many times a year do families travel?

two time per year can we travels to my country

How important is the Chinese New Year to Chinese people?

It's different for different people, but to most the Chinese New Year is the most important holiday of the year. It usually takes place in January or February, and is the time of year when everyone in the family gathers around and have a great time. Its as important to them like our new year is to us.

What time do they celebrate Chinese New Year?

Early February