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there are exactly 1.2 million in china but half of them are all jacked up on mountain dew and are painting there nails at a beauty parlor.

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Q: How many Buddhists are there in China?
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How many Buddhists in Korea?

Well over 75 percent of Vietnam is Buddhist because when China took over Vietnam, China taught people in Vietnam their culture and shared it.

In what part of Asia are there many followers of Buddhism and Islam?

The countries with the largest populations of both Buddhists and Muslims are Malaysia, Thailand, and Myanmar. There is also a large concentration of Buddhists and Muslims in China.

What are Buddhists temples in China called?


What Buddhists temples are common in china?


What part of the world can Buddhists be found?

in china lol

Why did so many Buddhists sects develop in Japan?

Japan is almost %50 Buddhist. The others are mostly Shinto. There are many Buddhists living in Japan because it spread there from it's other native countries such as China, Korea, and India.

Where did Buddhists build tall multilevel towers called pagodas?

Japan and China (:

What are china's other religions?

There are born-again Christians, Buddhists, atheists, and Muslims in China today.

In which continent do most Buddhists live?

China, Asia, I think

Who were the first people in china to become buddhists?

siddhartha gautama

How many Buddhists are there in Australia?

How many Buddhists are there in australia?

What religions do they practice in China?

Officially, China has no Religion and is atheist, unofficialy there are Daoists, Buddhists Christian and Muslims within the country.