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Canada has 10 provincial capital cities, 3 territorial capitals and a National Capital.

For Newfoundland and Labrador it's St. John's, for Prince Edward Island it's Charlottetown, for Nova Scotia it's Halifax, for New Brunswick it's Fredericton, for Quebec it's Quebec City, for Ontario it's Toronto, for Manitoba it's Winnipeg, for Saskatchewan it's Regina, for Alberta it's Edmonton, for British Columbia it's Victoria, for the Yukon Territory it's Whitehorse, for Northwest Territories it's Yellowknife and for Nunavut it's Iqaluit

Ottawa is the National Capital.


If you want to go back to the pre-Confederation province of Canada, you will have to add Kingston and Montreal as places that have been the Capital of Canada.

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Q: How many capital cities has Canada had and what are they?
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