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For the first fifteen years of the colony of Swan River, Western Australia, the people were all free settlers, and did not want to accept convicts. The idea was raised occasionally, mainly by people who wanted convict labour for building projects.

The argument for convicts in Western Australia gained impetus in 1845 when the York Agricultural Society petitioned the Legislative Council to bring convicts out from England. Their reasons were that Western Australia's economy was at great risk due to an extreme shortage of labour. Whilst later examination of the circumstances proves that there was no such shortage of labour in the colony, the petition found its way to the British Colonial Office, which in turn agreed to send out a small number of convicts to Swan River. Following the transportation of the first convicts to WA, between 1850 and 1868, 9721 convicts were transported to Western Australia.

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Approximately 9,720 British convicts altogether were sent to the Western Australian colony.

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Q: How many convicts were transported to Western Australia?
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How many fleets were sent to Australia?

53 fleets were sent from Britain to Australia. these fleets transported a figure of around 162, 000 women and men convicts.

What types of convicts are there?

There are many types of convicts but the main ones are government service convicts, assigned convicts, expirees, emancipists and ticket of leave convicts.

How many slaves were transported from Britain to Africa?

The slaves weren't transported from BRITAN! They were transported from AFRICA to AMERICA!

Australia was founded as a British colony for what?

prisonerspeople convicted of crimesWhilst Australia was founded by convicts, strictly speaking it was not founded for convicts. There were many reasons why the British wished to colonise Australia, and using it as a place to send convicts was an excuse more than a reason.The British colonised Australia to expand the British empire, and prevent the French from gaining a foothold in the Australian continent or in that part of the Pacific. It was expected that Australia could provide commercial and political gains to Britain, and Britain needed a port in the East to promote trade with China and to extend its naval and commercial power.Also, due to war, Britain needed to find an alternative supply of Flax and timber as her Baltic supply was under threat. James Cook had reported that nearby Norfolk Island might be a suitable source, so it was strategic to colonise the nearby continent of Terra Australis.

When did the British arrive in Australia?

William Dampier was the first Englishman to explore and map parts of New Holland (Australia). On 4 January 1688, his ship the 'Cygnet' was beached on the northwest coast of Australia, at King Sound near Buccaneer Archipelago on the north-west coast of Australia. The next English visitor was Lieutenant James Cook (not yet captain), who charted the eastern coast in 1770. Cook's positive report led to the colonisation of New South Wales by England in 1788.

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How many convicts didn't survive the First Fleet?

It seems that they they did relatively well on the First Fleet. However the same can not be said for the many convicts transported to Australia after that.

How long where the convicts on the ship?

Around the time of the first fleet, 1788, sentences for convicts were usually for 7 or 14 years. Severe cases were transported to Australia "for the term of their natural life" . However, many convicts stayed in Australia life as they built entirely new lives in Australia. Opportunities for pardoned convicts were very good, and many went on to become leaders in the new, young colony.

How many fleets were sent to Australia?

53 fleets were sent from Britain to Australia. these fleets transported a figure of around 162, 000 women and men convicts.

How many convicts were transported to Australia between 1788 and 1870?

Convict transportation to Australia ended when the last convict ship left Britain in 1867 and arrived in Australia on 10 January 1868. Sources vary, but the total number of convicts transported to Australia between those years is estimated to have been around 162,000. Figures vary from 157,000 to 165,000.

How many convict women come to Australia as convicts?

As a guide: from 1788 to 1840, about 24960 female convicts were transported to Australia. It is harder to find figures between 1840 and 1868, when transportation ceased. _____ The last transport to bring convicts to Australia landed at Fremantle on the 10th of January, 1868. During the period of transportation, the approximate number of convicts has been 160,500 of whom 24,700 were women.

How many convicts were transported?

According to Charles Bateson's "Convict Ships", the total number of Australian convicts sent to Australia, all colonies included, from the time of the First Fleet to the end of Transportation, was 160,151.

How many convicts were sent from England?

Prior to the revolutionary war which formed the USA, another 60,000 convicts were sent to North America (some sources say 50,000). About 165,000 British convicts were transported to Australia between 1788 and 1868. British convicts were also sent to Canada, as well as to its outposts in India, the Cape of Good Hope, Bermuda and Mauritius. Figures for these convicts are unknown, particularly as some of them were then sent on to Australia.

How did convicts return to England?

why didnt many convicts return to England

What year did convicts leave England to go to Australia?

The transportation of convicts to Austalia continued for many decades. The First Fleet of convicts to Australia departed England in May 1787, and arrived in New South Wales in January 1788. Transportation of convicts to Australia ended when the last convict ship left Britain in 1867 and arrived in Australia on 10 January 1868. This ship, the "Hougoumont", brought its final cargo of 269 convicts to Western Australia, as New South Wales had abolished transportation of convicts in 1840.

How many convicts were transported to Australia on the first fleet?

Sources vary, but according to the Australian Government Culture Portal, there were 751 convicts that disembarked from the First Fleet. Around 180 of these were women. No doubt more departed from Portsmouth, but between twenty and thirty died during the voyage.

How many of the convicts were women?

The figures for how many female convicts were sent to Australia vary from between 24 700 and 24 960.

How many convicts came to Australia?

As near as can be determined from records, it is believed that a total of around 162,000 convicts came to Australia, from the time of the First Fleet in 1788 until the cessation of transportation with the final shipload of convicts to Western Australia in 1868.