How many followers in Legalism?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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They have 10,00 followers today.

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Q: How many followers in Legalism?
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How many followers of Confucius?

A lot of people followed him, although aristocrats did not seem fond of the idea. So, many aristocrats decided to folow the ides of Legalism.

How many aristocrats favor the philosophy of legalism?

Legalism is favored by many aristocrats as legalism favors force and power.

Is Legalism a religion?

Legalism is not a religion. Legalism is a philosophy

Is legalism strict?

yes,and has many punishments and laws

Where did Legalism?

Legalism is a Chinese philosophy.

How would you put legalism in a sentence?


Did qin rule legalism or Confucianism?


What is legalism What effect would you expect legalism to have had on the quality of government workers?

legalism are strict rules if workers work hard so will the legalism distributives.

How many people practice legalism in china today?


What dynasty was legalism?

the qin were the ones that adopted legalism

Does legalism have festivals?

Legalism Day on April 1st.

What is a symbol for legalism?

A common symbol for legalism is a scale representing the balance and fairness of the law.