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There were about 700 men on his voyage

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Q: How many men did Hernando de Cortes take with him?
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What land did Hernando Cortes explored?

Hernando Cortes explored Mexico. Particularly the Mexican Plateau, where the land is flat, and there are many minerals. This was also the land inhabited by the Aztecs, the indigenous people of Central Mexico. The Aztecs had a huge empire that was very complex for the time. People paid "taxes" to the "government" in return for many benefits of being part of the Aztec empire, such as going to school. The Aztecs had a very large army with spears and big sticks they used a clubs, and Hernando Cortes had only one or two hundred men with him, and defeated the mighty Aztecs because his men had swords and guns, which are much more effective. There are many long-term effects of this, and they are that they speak Spanish in Mexico, and their religion is mainly Roman Catholic. If Hernando Cortes had not conquered the Aztecs, people in Mexico would probably speak the Nahuatl language, the language of the Aztecs, and the people would be the religion of the Aztecs, but I am not sure what that is called.

What name did Cortes and his men give to the territory they conquered?


How many men did Robert De La Salle take on his voyage?

On each expadition Robert de La Salle went along with 25-50 men/sponsors.

What are some roles that the Cree men had?

The womens role were to grow and harvest the crops, cook for the family, and take care of the children.

How did the view of women change after WW1?

while men were away fighting the war, the women decided to take up the jobs that were initionally for men. And then when the men came back they seen that women were cababile to do these jobs.

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What did Hernando Cortes take with him?

he took 500 men 15 horses and 11 ships

Who tricked the Aztecs?

Spanish conquistador Hernando Cortes and his men tricked the Aztecs into believing that the Hernando Cortes was their god.

Did Cortes ever kill someone?

Yes. Hernando Cortes was a Spanish Conquistador and he led the conquest of the Aztecs. He and his men massacred thousands of Indians as they traveled through Mexico. Directly and indirectly, Hernando Cortes killed many people all out of a desire for wealth and pride for his country.

What two men conquered outstanding Indian civilization?

Hernando Cortes and Francisco Pizarro

How many men did Cortes take with him to Mexico?

about 500.

When did Hernando Cortes leave on his expedition?

Cortes had been in Cuba prior to his own expedition but he organized and left for Mexico in 1519 with 11 ships and about 700 men.

Hernando Cortes marched his force of about 600 men through Mexico to conquer the Aztec empire?

Yes he did and montezuma thought he was a god so he welcomed Cortes nicely

What happened the first day Hernando Cortes left Spain?

. In a few days he went to Mexico he took 600 men

What did Hernando Cortes use to explore?

He left Cuba with 11 ships, 13 horses, a few canons and about 500 men.

Did Hernando Cortes find what they were sent out to discover?

No, Cortes and his men were searching for the Foutain of Youth. Obviously, this was never found, though they did make a lot of gold by obtaining new goods and spices from the lands they traveled.

How many men did hernando de soto have?

About 700 men

When did Hernando leave on his expedition?

Cortes had been in Cuba prior to his own expedition but he organized and left for Mexico in 1519 with 11 ships and about 700 men.