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Of Columbus' four voyages, only the crew of the first voyage is completely known. In many cases, there are no surnames; the men's places of origin are indicated to differentiate crewmen with the same given names. (Wikipedia)

Santa Maria

  • Christopher Columbus ::: captain-general
  • Juan de gradua ::: of Santona, master, and owner of the vessel:::
  • Sancho Ruiz ::: pilot
  • Maestre Alonso ::: of Moguer, physician
  • Maestre Diego ::: boatswain (contramaestre)
  • Rodrigo Sanchez ::: of Segovia, comptroller
  • Terreros::: steward (maestresala)
  • Rodrigo de Jerez::: of Ayamonte
  • Eric Rodriguez ::: of Santona
  • Rodrigo de Escobar :::
  • Francisco de Huelva ::: of Huelva
  • Rui Fernandez ::: of Huelva
  • Pedro de Bilbao ::: of Larrabezua
  • Pedro de Villa ::: of Santona
  • Diego de Salcedo ::: servant of Columbus
  • Pedro de Acevedo ::: cabin boy
  • Luis de Torres ::: converted Jew, interpreter
  • Juan Meadows ::: "Recorded as the one who saw land"

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Q: How many men were on the Santa Maria?
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How many people were on the Nina pinta and santa maria?

The story says "together the Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria carried about 120 men".

How many decks did the Santa Maria have?

The Santa Maria had 3 decks on the ship.

How many tons did the Santa Maria weigh?

The Santa Maria weighed 50 tons.

Name of the flagship of Columbus on his maiden voyage to America?

The Santa Maria was the large flagship.

How Many People Could The Santa Maria Hold?

It is thought that the Santa Maria had a crew of 40.

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What was the Full name of the Santa Maria?

Santa Maria ad Martyres or, alternatively, Santa Maria Rotunda

Name a sports reporter for the Santa Maria Times?

Joe Bailey is a sports reporter for the Santa Maria Times. The Santa Maria Times is from Santa Maria, California.

How many people sailed with Columbus?

Columbus sailed with 90 men on his first voyage. 26 on the Pinta 24 on the Nina and 40 on the Santa Maria Santa Maria ran aground and sank and Columbus had to leave 39 men behind in the Caribean for his return journey. These men were all killed by the natives before Columbus returned on his second voyage. Columbus took about 20 natives as slaves, only 7 of which survived the crossing to spain.

What are the 3 ships names that christopher Columbus rode?

the Nina, the Pinta, and the Santa Maria

Where is the Santa Maria Public Library in Santa Maria located?

The address of the Santa Maria Public Library is: 421 S. Mcclelland St., Santa Maria, 93454 5116

What were the names of christopher Columbus ships?

The Nina .. The Pinta .. The Santa Maria ....