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100 million

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Q: How many of Maria Beasley's life rafts were sold?
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How many rafts can you get on raft wars?

you can get about four

How many pool rafts are bought every year in us?

14 million pool rafts each year :) hope it helped.. :)

How many pool rafts are bought each year in the US?

There is no way to tell exactly how many pool rafts are sold in the US each year. There are literally millions of pool owners in the country and many pool rafts are sold in order to use at the beach or from a boat rather than with a pool. It is safe to say that there are probably millions of pool rafts sold each year.

Approximately how many inflatable boats would you need on a cruise ship?

A cruise ship is required to provide safety measures for its passengers. The number of life rafts would depend on the capacity of each raft as well as the ship's capacity for the maximum number of passengers. If a cruise ship has a maximum passenger capacity of 1000, it would require, for example, 100 10-seat life rafts.

How many rafts did they make in the TV show LOST?

They made 2 rafts. The first one was burnt in a fire, by Michael's son. The second one, they were able to let 4 people on the raft, and they were able to set sail out to sea!

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The death toll was 2,223 people out of those there were: 1,347 men, 103 women, 685 workers, and 53 children. The reason there was so many more male deaths than women deaths is because women and children were sent out on life rafts first.

Can you compare safety equipment of the A300 with the A380?

Safety equipment should be very similar on all types of commercial aircraft. Each operator can order (or configure, if used) its aircraft as it chooses as long as it meets the safety requirements of its controlling authority. In the US, the FAA sets the minimum safety requirements for each type of aircraft. All aircraft, for instance, would have emergency exits, supplemental oxygen systems, emergency PA systems, emergency lighting, emergency exits, life rafts and other flotation devices, etc. The only difference being that the capacity of each aircraft would dictate the number of pieces of equipment. For instance, the minimum number of life rafts might be one per 50 passengers, so an A380 would have many more life rafts than an A300. But otherwise, all safety equipment is fundamentally the same.

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