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The exact number of how many people died at Auschwitz is not known as many prisoners were never recorded. It is estimated that about 3 million people died at this camp.

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Q: How many people died in Auswitch?
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Did she go to the concentration camp zalled Westerbork?

Yes she did go to westerbork but it isn't a concentration camp. She was send to auswitch (concentration camp) and then she was send to Bergen-Belsen there she died.

What is auswitch today?

Two popular tours visit Auchwitz and Birkenau

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It became the symbol of the Holocaust. Mainly because people were sent from all over Europe to be killed there, it is also the camp from which more people survived than any other.

How do you spell Auswitch?

= Auschwitz , if you are talking about the concetration camp in NAZI occupied Poland. =

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There were multiple concentration camps, but people are probably most familiar with the ones in Auswitch. There are also ones in Buna, Berkanau, and Poland. Sources : I choose Life, by Sol and Frankie Finklestein

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