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the amount of people who died in the norman conquest were over 1000 people!

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Q: How many people died in the Norman Conquest?
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How is the Norman conquest resonant?

The Norman Conquest is resonant because there are many, (or have been many) attempts to invade countries all over the world by other countries. Some have been successful, but most have failed. A good example is the invasion of Kuwait by Iraq .The Domesday Book also makes The Norman Conquest Resonant as it is like the census we have today to find out who owns what, how many people live in their houses and where you live.

What are Norman Surnames from the Battle of Hastings?

Many English language surnames originate from the Normans and were introduced into the country during and after the Norman Conquest of 1066. Here are a small sample of Norman names that are now commonplace as Englsh and Irish Names. For a much larger list please consult: The Norman People and their desendants by Henry.S. King.AMONDBEAUMONTBUTLERCARPENTERCLAREDARCYDISNEYFITZWILLIAMJORDANHALLLEROYMAYORMONTGOMERYMORRISOSMENTPERCYVINCENT

How many years after the conquest was French spoken in England?

French was spoken in England for about 300 years after the Norman Conquest in 1066. It began to decline in the 14th century and was phased out as the official language by the 15th century.

What are the advantages to the wooden Norman castels?

there were not many advantages. that's why all the normans died.

What was herewards background?

This question needs more specific information. For instance, which Hereward? There was a Hereward the Wake, who was an 11th-century leader of local resistance to the Norman conquest of England. There are many mentions of Hereward on the internet.

Who is related to Norman Coburn the actor?

There are many people that i no related to Norman coburn. He moved to tazmania Australia after being on home and away for many, many years. He is related to people living in NSW Australia but no famous people that you would know. He has a sister and many cousins and a very kind aunty. HOPE I HELPED :)

Where can you find Norman Ward's obituary?

You have to say what particular Norman Ward you are looking for. There are many people with that name. Also, did the person recently die or is he an historical figure?

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