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Well, if the British wouldn't have come to rule over India, then everything would have been changed. Some activities like the abolishment of Sati, or the introduction of Widow Remarriage Act, or even the abolishment of Child Marriage wouldn't have happened. We wouldn't have been speaking English also, if this rule never took place. We would have also been THE richest country in the whole world.

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Q: How might Indian history have been different if the British has not ruled India?
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How would you describe India in the 1800s?

In 18th century India's kings was in war with British empire British empire was established it's East India Company in India.1857 war with British was one of the major wars in Indian history. In this war the Indian was defeated due to lack of unity in different kings. And after that India was slave of British empire till 1947.

How Indian History divided?

Asian ancient mediual madernc or in simpler words you can say the Indian history is divided into 3 periods HINDU.....when the Indian rulers ruled in India MUSLIM...when the mughals came India and established the mughal empire BRITISH.....when the east India company came India as a small trading group and consolidated power over India

Who set up the Indian Independence League?

Indian Independence League was established by Indian nationalists who were residing outside India in the different regions of South East Asia in 1928 to seek removal of British rule in India.

Who was the first indian to speak english?

The first Indian to speak English is unknown due to England's long history of interactions with India. However, there are records of Indians learning English as early as the 16th century with the arrival of the British East India Company in India.

How did the British influence the I ndian military?

British influenced the Indian military in so many different ways. Britain colonized India and as such most of the military practices were passed on from Britain to the Indian military.

Freedom Struggle of India?

Indian History

What are the four major events in the history of India?

1. Indus valley civilization Formed the basis of Indian culture 2. Gupta, akbar, etc empires The many dynasties that shaped Indian cultur 3. British invasion Stripped India of its rights and changed the face of the nation, British influence such as driving on the right and speaking English can be easily observed in India today 4. Indian independence Allowed India to regain control of itself, free from British influence and rule

Is British rule in India beneficial to India?

Indian became an independant country in 1947.

What was the historical impact of Battle Of Plassey?

After this war British gained control in the north as well as the south.This war was the darkest war in the Indian history. Because of this war British ruled India for two centuries.

Where did Indian president abdukalam born?

Rameswaram, British India (now Tamil Nadu, India)

Who introduce cricket first time in India british or Australia?

it was the British, when they came to Indian to rule

What is the name of the book which is wrriten by James mill?

One of the books written by James Mill is "The History of British India," which was published in 1817. This book is a comprehensive account of the history and culture of India during British colonial rule.