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Q: The term raj is used to refer to the period of Indian history during which India was?
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What period of Indian history saw the unification of much of India?

The Maurya Period

Famous personality in Indian history to have taken bath with donkey's milk?

Noor Jahan (original name mehrunissa) queen wife of Jehangir, the king of india during the mughal period.

History of languages developed in India during medieval period?

the man was having sex

The term RAJis used to refer to the period of Indian historyy during which India was?

Under British rule.

During which period of India did Indian Muslims absorb some elements of Hindu culture?

During the regime of Mughal King Akbar

How successful british rule in India in the period 1877-1911?

during 1877 queen Victoria was proclaimed the empress of India THE INDIAN NATIONAL CONGRESS...(expand)

Freedom Struggle of India?

Indian History

What is periodisation of history of India?

The periodization of history of India has different elements. The period of 1500 - 1000 BC was called the Vedic period. The period of 322 - 187 BC was called the Mauryan period.

Contribution of India in Philippine's history?

there was no evident contact between india and the philippines. the indian influence were believed to have come from other polynesian countries during the sri vijaya and madhapit empire

What is Delhi sultanate period in Indian history?

The period between 1206-1526 in India's history is known as the Delhi Sultanate. During this period of over 320 years, five Muslim dynasties ruled in Delhi: the Slave dynasty (1206-1290), the Khilji dynasty (1290-1320), the Tughlaq dynasty (1320-1414), the Sayyid dynasty (1414-1451) and the Lodi dynasty (1451-1526).

What is the name meaning ramachandran?

If He /She Asking this Question They can't be an Indian because Its an Indian Name That Tells The story of Ramayana. If They Are from Out Of India I suggest them To Read Ramayana Or Indian History Otherwise if they from India i can suggest to know their names history first......

What are the influences of European culture in India?

Most Indians speak English, which was instituted when the British ruled India. One can see Greek influences in Indian art during the Buddhist period. The British built a lot of infrastructure in India.