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Henry Hudson was 48 years old

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Q: How old was Henrey Hudson explorer of Hudson Bay and New York Statewhen he try to go to Asia?
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Who was the explorer seeking a passage to Asia?

Henry Hudson found the passage way to Asia

Did Henry Hudson find Asia?

no Henry Hudson didn't go to Asia instead he went New Amsterdam

What was Henry Hudson's discoveries?


Who was the first explorer to reach Asia by ship?

Ferdinand Magellan was the first explorer to reach Asia by ship. He was a Portuguese explorer who lived from 1480 to 1521 CE.

What was Henry Hudson purpose of explorations?

Henry Hudson tried to find a passage to Asia.

How did Henry Hudson get to the Hudson river?

He tried to make his way to Asia , but he went off course and landed in Hudson River

Henry Hudson's route to the Hudson river?

He thought he was going to asia when he went to north america and landed on the hudson river

What did Henry Hudson hope to find when he sailed up the Hudson River?

the short way to Asia

What was Henry Hudson's destination?

The northwest passage and the new world

What was the reason for Henry Hudson's exploration?

To find a passage to Asia.

Did Henry Hudson accomplish his goal as an explorer?

Accomplished: Henry Hudson is credited for discovering New York, and he discovered the Hudson River, and so it was named after him. Not Accomplished: Henry Hudson went on his voyage to find a passage through North America to Asia, but never found one.

Why did Hudson go to Canada?

He was Looking For a passage to Asia.